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Dismantling Power Imbalances in Patient Experience Engagements

If there is one takeaway I want anyone in #patientengagement to remember it's the slide below I presented a few weeks ago at the Patient Experience Community of Practice at Ontario Health | Santé Ontario with the Elgin Ontario Health Team and a community partner on an awesome collaboration Big Eye Innovation was fortunate to be a part of.

Being a patient still feels like a place of vulnerability so it's vital to find ways to dismantle power imbalances that, while unspoken, can be bubbling under the surface during patient and caregiver experience engagements.

Image on "Leading a Successful Session". Includes thinking about: power dynamics, use of plain language and prompts and consideration (and removal) of other barriers in planning whether social, physical or language-related.
A few tips I shared with Ontario Health's Patient Experience Community of Practice on minimizing power imbalances.

We discussed in depth the patient #journeymapping activity I led, the representation we had at the table, and suggestions for ensuring a positive, fruitful experience for both people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and the health care providers that support them. As a facilitator, I love doing this work (even if it takes a LOT of prep to get right). As a patient, I'm passionate about getting people in #healthtransformation to dig deeper and really consider how they can set the stage for meaningful interaction between patients, caregivers and health providers because I've been in scenarios where it hasn't been so...

If you're struggling or anxious about creating engagement sessions that leave everyone feeling energized, focused and heard, reach out for a chat!



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