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Is your team "dancing like no one is watching" when it comes to innovation?

"Why are they freaking out mom?" 😨 That was the question my kids asked when they saw me trying to "🔥 fight" a situation that had evolved with a new tech introduction. "Because they're afraid 😖 of looking like they don't know what they're doing," I answered. My kids were puzzled. Why would someone care so much about this? They were learning after all... I've been stewing on this for months. Why indeed? Is "saving face" really that important? Yup. But here's the thing(s). "Saving face:" 👉Prevents us from growth. 👉 ✋conversations and curiosity in their tracks. 👉Stifles questions and innovation for fear of "looking foolish. 😜" 👉Prevents staff from growing and being curious--mostly because they choose comfort over transformation, certainty over #possibility. And of course, in many businesses, people are rewarded for towing the line... For being cautious. For just doing their job. As children we're all about #growthmindset. Sadly as adults, we need to relearn this skill. 👉By asking challenging questions... 👉By trying new things... 👉And by approaching #innovation with a "dance like no one is watching" 💃🏾 💃🏾 💃🏾 mentality.



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