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Bring More Luster to Service Brainstorming with SCAMPER Examples and Worksheet

Ever been in a lackluster brainstorming session?

I have.

I don’t blame participants: sometimes the “pressure to perform,” especially when you’re surrounded by higher ups and maybe a few snarky peers, gets the better of people, creating a kind of #creativity paralysis.

That’s why I love introducing the #SCAMPER technique in brainstorming scenarios. It provides a powerful set of tools to open minds and possibilities. SCAMPER stands for:

Substitute: replacing one element of a process, product or service with another.

Combine elements to create a new or more efficient outcome.

Adapt an existing idea that may not have worked before.

Modify usually by magnifying or minimizing an aspect of the product or service.

Put to another use: apply processes or products that were meant for one purpose to another.

Eliminate: cut out complicators, or “fluffy” elements that are unnecessary or bog the product or service down.

Rearrange/reverse: reverse engineer a process or rearrange elements of a product to realize new benefits.

If you think about the iPhone versus the Blackberry, there are so many elements of SCAMPER #apple used to create the “same” and yet entirely new product (and services too if you consider apps and their approach with #telecom and #data services which I happened to learn watching the #BlackberryMovie ).

You may have also seen the SCAMPER #KitKat image which I also love.

But I hadn’t seen many examples highlighting how SCAMPER can be applied to #services and #processes, so I created my own and included a worksheet too.



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