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Transforming Together...

there is no goal without a journey

When I started shifting my career towards #experiencedesign and #innovation there really was a #mindsetshift. Yes, goals are important, but when you're dealing in new, uncharted and super-ambiguous territory, those smaller steps along the way grow in importance and significance.

The goal isn't just about "implementing xyz" or "launching a new widget" and expecting everyone to jump for joy and marvel at your ingenuity.

The goal is to take those steps (sometimes tiny, sometimes leaps) TOGETHER.

It means connecting, listening, asking provocative questions and sometimes being surprised (hey, who's kidding who, even frustrated) by the answers.

It means figuring out ways to unfurl complexities and communicate them to key stakeholders in a way that is understandable and meaningful to them.

It means finding ways to involve the most important people in your project so they're PART OF THE SOLUTION of the transformation, versus part of the "problem."

What have I learned over the years? When you ask, listen and respond to your stakeholders, "my" goal becomes "our" goal.

"My" solution becomes "our" solution.

And those little steps along the way?

They ultimately get you to a better end result with a group of committed participants ready to champion that transformation.

Not because you've incorporated every tiny bit of feedback, but because your champions feel they've been heard, respected and you've done it "with" them not "to" them.


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